Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion Program

This is a Bachelor degree completion program for students who have completed at 60 hours of course study at the Bachelor Degree level from an accredited college. In order to receive an effective education from Jackson Theological Seminary requires you to arrive prepared and ready to think out loud and share ideological information to aid in your growth. Class meetings involve discussions in a variety of formats, some experimental and perhaps unfamiliar. These wide-ranging structures support diverse forms of analysis and thinking, they also accommodate varied personalities and learning styles. In all settings, respond considerately and respectfully with your peers. When you disagree with or do not understand something please ask questions. Your peers’ questions are as important as yours, so listen carefully.
Master of Divinity Program

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is a three-to-five-year program of full-time study to prepare the student for professional ministry. As with all professional programs, this includes both the mastering of the academic materials and the acquisition of skills necessary for effective functioning within the profession. The program is also designed to accommodate the needs of the part-time student, particularly by offering online and evening classes.

Students can complete the program two times per year – at the end of the fall semester and the end of the spring semester. The commencement ceremony is held annually at the end of the spring semester, and both fall and spring graduates are invited to attend.