Chair-Board of Trustees

The Right Reverend Michael L. Mitchell

12th Episcopal District, Presiding Bishop
Greetings on behalf of the Board of Trustees and welcome to the Jackson Theological Seminary Family!

This is an exciting time for the faculty, staff and especially the students of Jackson. We are entering a new era of educational and academic excellence that will prepare our students to render a higher quality of service to the church and the community. Jackson Theological Seminary is committed to values that promote the welfare and positive transformation of individuals, communities and societies. The faculty, administration and staff are committed to producing effective Christian leaders in pastoral and ministerial service.
The Jackson faculty excels in teaching and scholarship, sharing with students their passion for the wisdom and understanding of the Word of God, and it’s literal and practical application.

We value ethical conduct, the pursuit of truth and knowledge carried out in the spirit of intellectual freedom, diversity, and community engagement. Jackson is an educational institution that prepares students for service to the church and the community through transformative teaching and training.

Jackson Theological Seminary is on track to become a preeminent institution of higher learning that will serve the Arkansas region at a national level of quality. Offering a commitment to the needs, interests and goals of our students, we have developed an outstanding curriculum that nurtures and promotes exceptional Christian ministry leadership.

Matriculation at Jackson Theological Seminary also cultivates an atmosphere to challenge us to be all that God intends. A unique balance of ministry preparation, leadership training and spiritual enrichment awaits all who have fully committed to the call and charge of God on their lives.

Bishop Michael L. Mitchell
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Bishop Michael Mitchell
Ex-officio Chairman
Presiding Elder Truman Tolefree
Dr. Sharon Fletcher
Mrs. Tina Grissom
Asst. Secretary
Presiding Elder Kent Broughton
Reverend Cecil Williams
Ex-officio President/Ceo
Reverend Chestine Sims
Presiding Elder Johnny Kelley
Presiding Elder Billy R. Reddick
Reverend Gerald Patterson
Presiding Elder Angela Brewster
Reverend Gregory C. Nettles
Reverend Charlene Boone
Reverend Elijah Shafah
Ms. Cynthia Muldrow