Reverend Dr. Robert Turner,

Academic Dean


Since the days of pupils studying in the halls of the glorious library of Alexandria, to the first university in the world

in Timbuktu, people of African descent have been excelling in scaffolding the pinnacle for higher education and

demonstrating what striving for excellence looks like in the world. It is within this backdrop that Jackson Theological

Seminary (JTS) enters the fray, founded by members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.C.) with the

sole purpose of educating both head and heart for the kingdom of God, having an ambitious goal of producing

leading scholars and practitioners of the faith.

J.T.S. is one of the few seminaries in the world that while holding to an orthodox view of scripture, where we

steadfastly believe the Holy Writ to be the infallible and inerrant word of God. Moreover, we also believe that the Bible

and the institution of the church has been misused to oppress people all over the world including descendants of the

African diaspora. Our goal is to teach students what truly “thus says the Lord” and as Booker T. Washington once said “lift the veil of ignorance.” The founders of the A.M.E.C. while standing firm on their fidelity to scripture went against the majority church’s view that blacks and slaves should “stay in their place” and sought social, political, and economic uplift for blacks, the poor and disenfranchised everywhere. We seek to continue that legacy here at Jackson.

Furthermore, we intend to teach students that their ministry does not end at the benediction. In fact, that is where major ministry begins. Theologically and practically we draw heavily on both the Wesleyan and Richard Allen tradition of sound prophetic preaching plus strong spiritually minded community outreach. Our students will learn how to both preach relevant, Christological, biblically based sermons, and also how to tackle social and systemic sins that exists today in our communities, all the while assisting and being an advocate for the “least of these.”

J.T.S offers small classroom sizes, new state of the art building, and highly-trained, accessible professors. Our instructors have experience pastoring churches, leading community outreach and nonprofit efforts. We are open to anyone regardless of denomination, race, socio-economic status, or physical ability. If you want to grow deeper in your knowledge of God, prepare yourself to lead a congregation, fine tune your skills as a pastor, or lay leader, Jackson Theological Seminary is the place for you. I cannot wait to meet you! Let’s strive for excellence in head and heart together!!



                                                                                                   Rev. Dr. Robert R.A. Turner, Academic Dean, Jackson Theological Seminary