Jackson Theological Seminary is located on the first floor of the 12th Episcopal District Headquarters Building, 520 North Locust Street, North Little Rock, Arkansas.




Jackson Theological Seminary is adjacent to Shorter College’s campus. It is located in the 12th Episcopal District Headquarters building. The classrooms are located on both ends of the building. It is bounded by Interstate 30 on the west side, Vine Street on the east side. Broadway Street and the Verizon Arena on the south side, and Eighth Street on the north side. Jackson Theological Seminary is a private, faith-based, Seminary that includes a program for the Masters of Divinity Program and the Bachelors of Art degree completion program.  Sherman-Tyree Hall - the main building for administrative and instructional functions - is a two-story structure.  The first floor contains administrative offices, the computer lab and classrooms.  The second floor consists of classrooms, the adult education center, and the science laboratory.  Each room has an adjacent office.


Why Jackson Theological Seminary

J.T.S offers small classroom sizes, new state of the art building, and highly-trained, accessible professors. Our instructors have experience pastoring churches, leading community outreach and nonprofit efforts. We are open to anyone regardless of denomination, race, socio-economic status, or physical ability. If you want to grow deeper in your knowledge of God, prepare yourself to lead a congregation, fine tune your skills as a pastor, or lay leader, Jackson Theological Seminary is the place for you. I cannot wait to meet you! Let’s strive for excellence in head and heart together!!