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I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for considering Jackson Theological Seminary, where The Father of “Black Liberation Theology”, Dr. James H.  Cone, had his first seminary experience. Your visit with us today is very much appreciated, whether you are considering completing your Bachelor Degree in Religion or obtaining your Master of Divinity Degree, I know that God has laid it on your heart to visit our site. 


My role is to make your enrollment, matriculation and graduation from Jackson Theological Seminary (JTS)  as smooth as possible. To start your journey, please click on this link for your application. If you are looking for seminary instructors who care about you; and or smaller personal classes: and or a seminary that is striving to empower you with current and up-to-date tools to serve an ever changing world… welcome home. I am looking forward to supporting your degree aspirations any way I possibly can.


Be Blessed in the Lord,

Rev. Charles B. Frost, Sr., PHR, M.Div.
cfrost@jtseminary.org 501492.8395


Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed,

rightly dividing the word of truth.”  (KJV)

Reverend Charles Frost